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Buddy Hollywood

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Porn stud Buddy Hollywood entered the industry with big-time aspirations. Growing up in Las Vegas, this well-hung hipster has been surrounded by the showbiz lifestyle, so it comes as no surprise that Buddy chooses to share his huge talent onscreen. Aside from his big dick, this tall and slim dude doesn't look like your average pornstar, but it's those "real guy" qualities that make his performances so fun and relatable. Sporting thick-rimmed glasses and dozens of colorful tattoos, Buddy refers to himself as a pornstar for the social media generation. <br /><br /> While Buddy can often be found online, his favorite mode of social networking is connecting his rod to a fresh-faced hottie's pussy, to which he's received many "likes". Buddy is all about blasting a babe from behind, but never turns down a reverse cowgirl sex sesh, or a sweet and sloppy blowjob. Ever the gentleman, when Buddy's about to get it on with a chick, he's always open to position suggestions. "Sex is an expression of self. As long it gets us both off, I'm always up for it!" Buddy began his career in front of the camera in 2015 and loves every minute of it. An amateur videographer, Mr. Hollywood has a major appreciation for the behind-the-scenes of his porno shoots and hopes to get his ass in the director's chair one of these days. Want to follow this star-in-the-making's meteoric rise? Check out Buddy Hollywood's vids right here on Digital Playground!

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